Gut healing made simple, includes your fav foods & gets you back to life *outside* your health.  

You've seen the docs, got the testing and are already taking foods out of your diet yet your symptoms still persist. Your gut issues are unpredictable and healing your gut is becoming a part time job.

What if what you needed wasn't more fancy lab work, to eat more healthy or take more supplements? What if there was a gut healing plan that was simple, flexible for travel and eating out and was something you could do for months and years to come? 

I'll teach you how HERE!

I've been exactly where you're at... 


I struggled with IBS, SIBO, 30+ food sensitivities, bloat, diarrhea and more for a decade. I saw 20+ practitioners, was everything from vegan - carnivore and spent thousands on the latest/greatest supplements. Everything I tried failed and I ended up having to DIY an approach myself to finally heal. 

Fast forward to now, I have perfect poops, no gas, bloat or urgency, I healed my SIBO without supplements, I eat dairy, gluten, sugar, weekly, eat out and travel with no flares or food fear. I don't take a long list of supplements or get testing done. My gut healing search ended with a protocol I'm teaching you inside this masterclass.

The truth is, you actually don't need to restrict more foods, eat more perfectly or finally invest in that expensive supplements to heal. In fact, these testing, restrictive & supplement approaches are keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of gut healing.

You need a strategic, simple plan that gives you symptom relief longer than a couple months. Because you've already tried...


✅ Eating more fiber

✅ Drinking more water 

✅ Exercising more 

✅ Medications and supplements

✅ Conventional & Alternative Docs 

✅ Had the testing done YET...

❌You continue to struggle on the daily with IBS, constipation, loose stools, bloat, gas, reflux, IBD and food sensitivities.

❌You're lost on what to eat and how to travel without flaring your symptoms 

You're more confused than ever, drowning in gut health information. 


The confusion, overwhelm and non-stop food restrictions end here.✨

Gut healing gets to be simple, sustainable and flexible ✨

You're beyond ready to heal & eat all food again, but you're thinking
"I have already tried it all"...

But have you tried this yet? This isn't another restrictive diet and supplement protocol you have to do "perfectly" otherwise it won't work. Been there, done that at least a time or two, or 10, but who's counting? 

We take a holistic, back to basics & gentle approach. Because you already know what's not working...

More fiber...

Can actually make your bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation worse.

More dietary restrictions...

Can lead to nutrient deficiencies and lots of food fear and stress.

Taking probiotics...

Flares symptoms in some people, especially with SIBO, Candida and diarrhea.


Always have side effects, create dependency and never get to the root of the problem.

Exercising more...

Can actually contribute to heartburn, gas, bloating and IBS.

Cleanses and detoxes... 

Are often expensive, stressful and can make your symptoms worse.

Where gut healing happens without more testing, supplements & food restrictions... Learn how in:   

 The Talking Shit Masterclass 


 Food restriction, supplements galore & endless testing ends here. Dive in today! In under 2 hours you'll learn...

No brainer, let's talk some shit!

underlying causes

Helping you understand what matters with gut health outside of just food and what else has played a role so that you can address your whole system for lasting symptom relief.

common vs normal

What does good digestion and poop look like anyways? I'll tell you so you know what your new normal gets to be.

why your doc hasn't helped

Feel relieved knowing why standard approaches aren't working no matter how perfectly you do them.

a new approach

Learn the fundamental steps I took to heal, reintroduce foods without symptoms all without more supplements & restrictions.

where to start

Know exactly where to begin with action steps outlined for each 5 foundational step so you can start to see symptom improvement ASAP. 


Hey, I'm Madisen, aka the Gut Goddess. 


 I healed from IBS, SIBO, acne, painful, urgent poops, lactose intolerance and the longest list of food sensitivities with an approach that I had to DIY myself.

Because after a decade of failed gut healing diets, thousands spent on supplements and testing, I had no other choice but to figure out another way to heal. 


And now I’m sharing this approach with you 🫶🏼✨

The approach that allows me to have a normal, predictable poop daily, no bloat, drink a gallon of milk per week, eat bread when I want without symptoms and eat out and travel without packing a whole suitcase full of supplements.

 Inside the Talking Shit Masterclass you'll recieve...

Immediate Access

Start learning right away! In less than 2 hours, your entire perspective on why you have gut issues, why conventional/alternative approaches to healing aren't working and where to go next are outlined. I'm teaching you exactly where to start with a new approach.

A step-by-step plan

I know how overwhelming, confusing and stressful this whole gut health thing can be. Things just got so much more simple for you here. This masterclass will give you the tools to know exactly where to start with a new, gut healing approach that I've successfully used to heal & use inside my programs.

Bonus Guides

I've included 4 printable guides (poop guide, shopping list, snack guide and sugar cravings). Helping you feel more confident at the grocery store, know what to eat and understand how to navigate and honor your sugar cravings without wrecking your gut.

I'm ready for the masterclass!!
I'm teaching you my signature cookie method approach, start learning here!

Stop wondering...

Where to start & how to finally heal. You get to enjoy gluten, dairy & sugar again, toss the supplements & poop perfectly. This holistic approach is getting people these incredible results ⬇️

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