Gut healing just
 got a lot easier. 

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and endlessly looking for the next diet, supplement or protocol to get rid of your painful, annoying, embarrassing gut issues. You're sick of the doctors appointments and protocols without the success you were promised.

 That's where I come in!

For over a decade, my gut health was A MESS. Read more about my story HERE. I finally healed while eating my favorite foods, taking minimal to no supplements and no intensive cleanses or protocols. 

You need a COMPLETELY NEW approach that actually works long term...

You want results of course. But you also want to know what the hell to eat, how to eat foods you love without symptom flares, what supplements are worth taking and what else you need to do to get rid of your gut issues for good. All while doing a protocol that doesn't feel so stressful, overwhelming and exhausting.

Wow I'm already in!

You're ready to heal, but you're thinking
"is this really going to work, I've tried it all"...

Yep, I hear you!

I've felt this and have worked with hundreds of clients since 2017 with all types of gut issues who felt the same. This isn't another restrictive diet, supplement heavy, completely ridiculous intensive protocol. This. Is. Different.

 It's time for a more holistic, back to basics & gentle approach. Because guess what isn't working...

More fiber...

Can actually make your bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation worse.

More dietary restrictions...

Can lead to nutrient deficiencies and lots of food fear and stress.

Taking probiotics...

Flares symptoms in some people, especially with SIBO, Candida and diarrhea.


Always have side effects, create dependency and never get to the root of the problem.

Exercising more...

Can actually contribute to heartburn, gas, bloating and IBS.

Cleanses and detoxes... 

Are often expensive, stressful and can make your symptoms worse.

Finally heal your gut! Learn how in:   

 The Talking Shit Masterclass 


 Dive in today! What you'll learn in this one hour class includes...

Underlying causes

Helping you understand the WHY and root causes behind your gut struggles

What's common vs normal

What does good digestion and poop look like anyways? I'll tell you! 

Why your doc hasn't helped

Feel relieved knowing why standard approaches aren't working.

A new approach

Learn the fundamentals no one's told you to heal, reintroduce foods and be symptom free.

Action steps

Understand my 5 gut healing fundamentals and know exactly where to start.

Specific considerations

Specific suggestions for leaky gut, bloating, acid reflux, skin issues, SIO and IBD

I'm in, let's do this!


Hey, I'm Madisen, aka the Gut Goddess. 


I struggled with debilitating gut issues for over a decade. I (like you probably have) spent SO much time, money and energy trying to heal. I tried all the dietary restrictions, supplements and intense protocols with little to no lasting results. 


Fast forward to now and I eat dairy, gluten, coffee and carbs everyday, I have a normal, predictable bowel movement with ease, I'm never bloated, my skin is clear, I'm mentally sharp and I've never felt better. 


I am confidently guiding those struggling with chronic gut issues to amazing digestion, food variety and long term healing.

Here's What You'll Get

in the Talking Shit Masterclass...

Immediate Access

Start learning right away! This hour could change your whole perspective on why you have gut issues, why conventional/alternative approaches to healing aren't working and exactly where to start with a new approach.

Stress Relief

Digestive issues are overwhelming, confusing and seriously stressful. This course will give you the tools for where to start with a new, gut healing approach that I've used to heal and use in my 1:1 coaching practice.

Masterclass Updates

Purchase once and access this resource for life. Any updates to the masterclass (including price or content) are included in your purchase. 

"I loved the Masterclass! So much that I've recommended it to several people and am saving up my money for your course. :) It was the perfect introduction to your philosophy, and I liked the hour length. I appreciated how practical your advice was, you gave examples of foods that are hard to digest and foods that are easier. The first thing I implemented was trying to eat fermented foods as a condiment to my meals. I'm also tracking my eating/BM's now." -J

I'm ready to start learning this holistic approach!

Stop wondering...

Where to start, how to finally heal, enjoy food again and poop like a boss. This approach has the potential to get you results like this ⬇️

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