Hi there! I'm Madisen, The Gut Goddess!

Since I can remember, I've struggled with digestive issues. As a kid experienced stomach pain, food reactions and unexplained bouts of diarrhea, gas and bloating. I thought my symptoms were normal. I always saw doctors as a kid and they simply told me "everything was normal". My digestive issues took a turn when I was prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics for reoccurring tonsil infections at the age of 18. My symptoms became a daily struggle and debilitating. Some of my main symptoms were bloating, gas, urgency with pooping, incomplete bowel movements, acne, fatigue, anxiety, trouble gaining weight and a long list of food sensitivities.

I spent years getting blood work, stool tests, colonoscopies and seeing multiple specialists, all to be told I had a bit of inflammation and IBS. I was offered a lifelong prescription at the age of 21. Although my gut was a wreck, I knew in my gut this was NOT the right decision. Like many of the clients I work with, I began my own journey to health. I spent thousands of dollars on alternative practitioners and treatments, tried all of the restrictive gut healing diets (vegan, vegetarian, Low FODMAP, AIP, Paleo, dairy free, gluten free, grain free, SIBO, Keto and Carnivore), took all of the commonly recommended gut supplements (probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, LDN, glutamine, turmeric, motility agents, vitamins/minerals, greens powders and more) all to be left feeling confused, overwhelmed, stressed and STILL not having long term success. I was scared to eat, I was isolated, confused, overwhelmed and experiencing annoying digestive issues on a day to day basis. I was scared to travel, eat out and had no trust in my body to heal.

As defeated as I was over the course of 8 years trying to figure out my gut issues, I became incredibly passionate about health. I decided to go back to school and study holistic nutrition. I attended National University of Natural Medicine in 2016 and received a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. This was a HUGE step in my healing. I learned that health isn't just about food restrictions and expensive supplements. I became aware of many aspects of my gut health all of the practitioners I had worked with had ignored. I began piecing together a protocol for myself that included mindfulness, nervous system work, sunlight, joy, pleasure, movement, emotional health and more. I finally started to feel better. I began eating foods I never could tolerate before (dairy, coffee, carbs, sugar). My days bloated started to decrease from everyday, to hardly ever. I slowly learned to trust my body again. I experienced more regular and complete bowel movements, I traveled without stressing about potentially pooping my pants, WOW!


All of this is to say, I know what it feels like. I know your gut issues are impacting SO much more than the food you can eat. I know you feel overwhelmed, confused, isolated, unsupported and stressed. But I also know you can heal. You can enjoy foods again. You can be calm, confident and grounded in your health. You can travel with ease. You can go out with friends. You can attend a party without worrying about how your gut's going to react. You can stop obsessing about every single thing going into your mouth. You can find balance and free up all the mental energy you've spent trying to figure this out on your own.


I created my business and programs for people just like my past self. I wish I had the support, guidance and direction of someone who understood what I was going through all those years. If you read this far, thanks for reading my story. I hope to chat with you soon!


My mission is to make gut healing...










You've tried the restrictive diets, tons of supplements and still experience symptoms. Conventional and even alternative approaches to gut healing don't work long term for most people. I'm not here to give you another one size fits all meal plan, food list and supplement plan. With my 5 foundations for gut healing, we create a plan that works, is tailored to YOU, minimally relies on supplements, is gentle, sustainable and includes action steps you actually feel confident and excited to implement. 

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