Gut Goddess Academy:

where gut healing is simple, includes your fav foods & is something you could maintain years down the road.


Endless dietary restrictions, bank breaking supplement recommendations¬†and¬†intense life consuming protocols are OUT ūüĎčūüŹľ

It's time to stress LESS, eat MORE and poop perfectly with a holistic approach you could maintain for lifeūüí©‚ú®

I'm ready to heal my gut!

You've been at this gut healing thing for a while...


But you're still struggling with bloat, reflux, food sensitivities or intolerances, constipation, diarrhea, gas IBS or IBD. You've seen the docs & been told everything is "normal" or you're just going to have to deal with these symptoms for life. 

You‚Äôve already¬†taken out¬†some of your favorite foods. You're passing up the bread basket at your favorite restaurant, any dairy is a disaster waiting to happen, you're eating healthier than you ever have before yet your symptoms persist...while people eat McDonalds with no bloat ūüėϬ†

You've already tried increasing your fiber, drinking more water AND exercising more. but the results you were promised with these changes is no where in sight & you're ending every day wondering if these changes are making any difference at all. 

You've got a couple gut healing diets under your belt like low FODMAP, Whole30, vegan, paleo and more.  Things have gotten better for a little while, but you know you can't keep living like this forever spending hours meal prepping weekly & writing off every single restaurant you used to love.

You tried your favorite influencers greens powder, that viral colostrum & every probiotic in the fridge yet they're collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet now because they've made no noticeable difference. 

Every single lab test you've gotten comes back "normal" leaving you feeling crazy because you know something is off yet you're supposedly the picture of health. 

You’re piecing together gut health advice from hundreds of instagram posts you saved but the reality is, you're completely overwhelmed, you don't even know where to start & what's going to work for YOU. 

yet you're still stuck...


Asking questions that no one can long is this going to take? Do I have to take these supplements forever? Can I have dairy or gluten again? 

Feeling like you're never doing enough to heal... always adding to your health to-do list, spending all of your free time researching gut health & wondering when it is finally going to be enough.

Tiptoeing around your health... your day is dictated by your gut because it feels like just about anything outside of your norm throws you into a multi-week flare. 

Putting your life on hold...traveling across the country, that hobby you've been wanting to do for years & even starting a family are being put off because your health is taking priority.

Dealing with your health like it's a part time job...symptoms are *slightly* improving with diet or supplements but who even cares when what you’re doing consumes all your free time & fun money. 

Confused, overwhelmed & more stressed out than when you started this whole gut healing thing…constantly questioning what other diet, protocol or supplement might be *that* next best thing that's finally going to work longer than 2 months. 

The good news...gut healing gets to be sooo much more simple.

so many other gut healing programs will have you...


‚ĚĆ taking 17 supplements every single day you have to set an alarm on your phone to remember to take with no end in sight.  ¬†

‚ĚĆ restricting more foods out of your diet, claiming you have to do their protocol "perfectly" for it to work.

‚ĚĆ copy + pasting some cookie cutter plan without your individuality in mind.¬†

‚ĚĆ keeping you in the loop of food fear & controlling every aspect of your life to keep your symptoms away.
‚ĚĆ doing aggressive bacterial & parasite cleanses that make you feel worse & still don't address why there's an imbalance in the first place.

which leaves you reliant on their strict protocol for symptom relief & never addresses the *actual* root of the problem.

But when you understand the foundational changes you need to make outside of eating "perfect" & more supplements, everything changes.

 Enough with the endless testing, quick fix diets & supplements, gut healing happens & lasts with an approach that is... 


✨EXPANSIVE: Where eating cheese, bread, fruit and real sugar are part of a gut healing nutrition plan. You shouldn't stay stuck eating your same 5 safe foods for life or avoiding your food sensitivities forever. A truly healed gut is resilient to all types of foods & digests them with ease. 

✨HOLISTIC: Long term healing goes way beyond what you're putting in your mouth. Symptom relief that lasts requires addressing your hormones, metabolism, sleep, exercise, stress, mindset, emotions and more. Most protocols fail to address anything outside of just food & supplements. 

✨FLEXIBLE: Your gut healing plan should evolve with you. Life involves big changes & stress happens. Maintaining amazing gut health through these this should be simple. Your healing plan shouldn't require you to micromanaging every piece of your life for results.

✨SUSTAINABLE: Gut healing happens with a plan that's simple, with habits you can continue. This means no radical food restrictions, parasite cleanses or intensive supplement protocols, back to the fundamentals is where the *real* transformation happen.

This is exactly what I want, I'm next!!

Madisen here, The Gut Goddess. 

I healed from a decade of struggling with IBS, SIBO, bloat, gas, painful, urgent poops, lactose intolerance and the longest, always growing list of food sensitivities with an approach that I had to DIY myself.

--- I tried every single gut healing diet, eating just vegetables & nuts at one point, Low FODMAP, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, paleo, keto, carnivore & making all my meals from scratch, YET I was bloated every single day & hadn't had a normal poop in years no matter how perfectly I ate.

--- I tried every supplement out there...all types of fibers, greens, probiotics, anti-microbials, vitamins, minerals, motility agents & more. I was setting timers on my phone to take my 15 supplements per day yet I felt no different despite spending hundreds a month & cleaning out a kitchen cabinet to store them all.

--- I saw a new practitioner every 6 months for years who would run their fancy tests, diagnose me with something else or just told me everything was normal & put me on yet another intense diet, massive supplement plan, leaving me feeling like my health was in their hands.

After all of that, lingering symptoms that I was kinda managing & so much food fear & health anxiety, I was not okay with this version of "healed". I had no other choice but to figure out another way. 

These days I can't remember the last time I was bloated, gassy or had looser stools, I eat every single food I was sensitive to, I eat gluten after 8 years of being GF, I drink a gallon of milk per week, I eat out, travel & live life without the fear or anxiety I had with my health for years. 

If I can do it, so can you. I‚Äôm sharing exactly how I healed & helping you customize it to you inside Gut Goddess Academy ūüę∂ūüŹľ‚ú®

Wow, I'm inspired, let's do this!

I know you're still struggling with... 

Diarrhea, gas & bloating

Constipation, pain & cramping

Acid reflux & heartburn

SIBO, leaky gut & histamine

Irritable Bowel Disease

Food reactions & intolerances

Acne, skin & weight issues

Celiac, Crohns or Colitis

& you're ready for these symptoms to be a memory in the past. THIS is what gets to be your new normal...


ūüéČMaking dinner reservations¬†at the¬†restaurant you've written off for years & ordering what you're craving...without even batting an eye or scouring the menu beforehand to see what's gf, df, egg free, sugar free, joy free. ¬†

ūüéČFood feels effortless. Grocery shopping, meal planning, knowing exactly what to eat is a breeze, you actually look forward to meals again because you know what food works for you. You're done listening to nutrition podcasts in your free time because you're finally clear on a plan that you could do forever & includes your favorite foods.

ūüéČBreaking up with wellness culture & getting back to that hobby you've been putting off for years because instead of gut healing being a part time job, it's happening effortlessly since you have a plan that fits your life & you can actually maintain.

ūüéČInvites to dinner parties, road trips & an international travel¬†are a full body "YES" because you know exactly how to navigate life & maintain amazing gut health without relying on a suitcase full of supplements or packing all of your meals ahead of time.¬†

ūüéČWaking up in the morning & having your poop be the most predictable part of your day, rather than the most stressful.

ūüéČWatching your gut symptoms slowly disappear, all while you're eating more variety than ever before, feeling less stressed about your health & implementing habits that you genuinely like.¬†

OMG yes claiming ALL of this, lets go!

THAT ūüĎÜūüŹľand so much more is possible for you, it's happening for others just like you ‚¨áÔłŹ¬†

"how is this possible without any testing, supplements & an elimination diet?! "

¬†ūüĎáūüŹľThings are different around hereūüĎáūüŹľ


ūüíę You don't need another functional gut test or lab work to heal.¬†Once you understand how digestion works, what your symptoms mean & how your nutrition, hormones, sleep, stress & nervous system are connected, you have everything you need to heal, numbers on a paper become completely irrelevant.¬†

ūüíę Doing another elimination diet or taking more food groups out is tedious, useless¬†& even making your symptoms worse, because what makes a bigger difference in your gut health is¬†eating enough to support your metabolism, balancing your blood sugar, eating foods that support digestive function & timing your meals properly.

¬†ūüíę It doesn't matter how many "gut healing" supplements you take, if your stress¬†is off the charts, your hormones are out of whack, your sleep sucks, you¬†have so much anxiety around your symptoms & health, you cannot out-supplement these imbalances.


All of the fancy lab work, professional grade supplements, most extensive parasites cleanses & eating a perfect "gut healing" diet will never address why the imbalances & symptoms existed in the first place
...and that's what we're addressing inside inside Gut Goddess Academy.


This is a total no-brainer, sign me up!

What we do in Gut Goddess Academy: 


Over the course of 12 weeks, each week you'll learn a small, digestible piece of my 5 foundational gut healing framework (via a prerecorded video module).

Then, it's IMPLEMENTATION time...this is what we work through during our weekly coaching calls & private group chat...your questions answered, working through barriers, customization suggestions and more. 


ūüĎáūüŹľYou'll learn the step-by-step¬†5 foundational gut healing approachūüĎáūüŹľ


Nutrition just got SO simple. You'll learn my Core 4 Framework for gut healing nutrition, what, when & how to eat to make pain free, no bloat, gas, nausea, reflux or burping after meals your new normal. Understand a flexible framework for nutrition that is delicious & you could use forever. It's time to expand your diet, grocery shop with ease, reintroduce all your food sensitivities & feel confident adding all your favorite foods to your safe list again. 


A missing piece for every single digestive symptom you have. Understand exactly how stress impacts your symptoms & overall digestion. Learn simple tools & strategies to resolve some of your most annoying, lingering symptoms. Because when we address your stress, that is when the real healing starts to take place. 

Supplements & Sleep

Supplements don't have to drain the bank or be something you're on forever. Know exactly what core supplements to utilize based on your symptoms, which ones to use during times of stress/travel, how to taper off supplements all while still having amazing digestion. Implement simple strategies for the best sleep of your life. 


We all know exercise is important for health & most everyone is trying to "exercise more" but what most don't know is how certain types of exercise can hurt or support your gut healing. Learn my simple pyramid model for gut healing exercise & create a movement plan that works for what you like & your gut needs. 


The cherry on top of everything & woven into each foundation. We're talking strategies to work through food fear, navigate the noise of the wellness world, learn how to truly intuitive eat & listen to your body & overall, foster a completely new relationship with food, your body & your healing. 


Bonus curriculum throughout on more in-depth topics like hormonal imbalances, PMS tips, brand & quality food recommendations, meal ideas, goal setting & logging, action item suggestions, additional resources and SO MUCH MORE. A library of curriculum that makes every single gut healing step simple & actionable, so you don't have to spend hours down google rabbit holes trying to figure this out on your own.

What's included inside Gut Goddess Academy:


Weekly live coaching/Q&A calls per month where we work through the knowledge, strategy & questions you have, so we can create the last gut healing protocol you do.


You're not in this alone! Your gut health besties and me are here. Support for questions, pep talks, extra'll have me & an intimate group of others for support between calls who just *get* it too.


Walking you through my step by step gut healing protocol. Hours of video content to work through at your own pace, 25+ simplified gut health guides to make every step crystal clear. Topics on nutrition, stress, supplements, stress, hormones, it's all here!


No more copy and paste protocols here. The whole point is for this to be sustainable & customized to YOU. I'll make customization suggestions on our coaching calls & via our private chat for you specifically.

This is exactly what I need!

This is it for you...


ūüíęYou're SO ready for a simple, realistic approach to your gut struggles.¬†One that doesn't rely on taking more food out of your diet, intense supplements & unrealistic protocols. I'll take you¬†through it, step-by-step, making it digestible, rather than giving you a diagnosis and to-do list.

ūüíęYou're craving the guidance, direction and support from people who actually get you. No more feeling alone on your health journey. You've got a¬†coach & an intimate group¬†of people who get exactly what you're going through & are working through the same struggles as you.

ūüíęYou're in this for the long haul now, you're committed to this process.¬†You're done with quick fix diets, supplements and overhyped so called "fixes". Shiny new gut health trends aren't appealing anymore, been there, done that and it's left you back at square one way too many times.

ūüíęYou're highly motivated to take action, feedback and do the work behind the scenes, even if it feels hard, uncomfortable and new.¬†

Life could look so different in just a matter of months...

 What Gut Goddess Academy Graduates have to say:


Your questions answered...

So you've read this far... 


If what you were already doing was working, you probably wouldn't be reading I right?! 

There's risk in taking the leap, but there's also risk in NOT taking the leap. Risk in staying exactly where you are, on the merry go round of more testing, dietary restrictions and supplements, I know that drill all too well (I did this for a decade!). 

And if you’re anything like I was…you're used to doing things on your own and investing in help feels weird.

You might be piecing together advice from past protocols, tiktoks, podcasts, books and instagram posts. The only problem is, despite all this info, the direction you need to go is still SO unclear.

And it just. isn't. working. 

Or maybe you ARE clear on a direction, you're doing a specific diet, supplements and some testing with a practitioner but if that was feeling really good and getting you the results you want, you wouldn't be here searching for something else.

This is a call to do something that *feels* better to you, maybe it's just a gut feeling.  

This is the last gut healing "protocol" you do. This is where we get clear, strategic and intentional about a long term gut healing plan. One that includes ice cream, eating gluten again, traveling with ease, living life *outside* of your health protocol and most importantly, a plan that feels like you could do it forever.

Get me in this group already!

6 payments of


per month

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions¬†//¬†all your questions¬†answered & strategy support so you can master your gut healing foundations to watch your symptoms disappear & your new normal to be perfect poops, eating all the food you miss without symptoms all¬†without relying on more testing and supplements
  • Private Group Chat Support //¬†M-F access with a small community (< 20 people) who know exactly what you're going through. Designed to provide you with another space plug in for guidance & support through whatever you're struggling with. Helping you build the confidence to¬†travel, eat out, grocery shopping¬†& navigating day to day & support your gut healing without stress, overwhelm or micro-managing¬†every symptom.
  • Gut Goddess Curriculum //¬†This curriculum is gold, walking you through my step-by-step 5 foundational gut healing approach. All of the gut healing knowledge, simplified into small, digestible pieces. Pre-recorded video classes + printable resources to reference months &¬†years down the road. No more spending hours listening to health podcasts or down google rabbit holes ever again.
  • Customization Suggestions Throughout //¬†my eyes in your health, tailoring suggestions to fit your life, making this sustainable and last gut healing protocol you do

ready for to eat more, stress less & get back to life? 

I can't wait to see you inside Gut Goddess Academy ‚ú®