Gut healing made simple, includes your fav foods & gets you back to life *outside* your health.


Endless dietary restrictions, bank breaking supplement recommendations and intense life consuming protocols are so 2017 👋🏼

It's time to stress LESS, eat MORE and poop perfectly with ease 💩✨

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You've been at this gut healing thing for a while...


✅You’ve already tried restricting some of your favorite foods. Gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, grains, carbs you know the're eating healthier than ever, while people eat McDonalds with no bloat 😑 

You've already tried more fiber, drinking more water AND exercising more. Maybe you've even tried a specialty gut healing diet, or two, or ten, but who's counting?! 😢

You’ve bought countless supplements with lofty gut healing claims. Fiber, probiotics and those greens that influencer said cured her bloat, ya...that didn't work 🤦🏻‍♀️

You’ve gotten the tests and seen the docs. Stool, blood and food sensitivities, yep! Leaving your bank account drained and leaving you with everything is "normal" or adding to your health anxiety. 😬

✅You’re doing research and started following many gut health recommendations. You're piecing together the latest gut health advice. You're not clueless, you know a thing or two about your health.📚


💩You're still asking long is this going to take? Do I have to take these supplements forever? Can I have dairy or gluten again? 

💩You feel like you're never doing enough...always adding to your health to-do list yet your friend never eats fiber and stays up late with no digestive issues whatsoever. 

💩You’re still feeling fragile. You’re tiptoeing around with your health because it feels like just about anything outside of your norm throws you off. 

💩Your life feels limited. Having some major FOMO? Going out to eat and traveling are a gamble because your gut health is unpredictable. 

💩 You're mentally and physically exhausted. Your symptoms maybe *slightly* improved with diet or supplements but who tf cares when what you’re doing feels like a part time job.

💩 You're still confused and overwhelmed…constantly questioning what other diet, protocol or supplement might be *that* next best thing. 

You're piecing together a protocol with little guidance or direction...

If I've learned one thing struggling with my own gut issues for a decade & coaching others these past 6+ years, it's THIS...

Gut healing happens (and lasts!) with a simple, yet strategic plan.  

Not one that includes MORE testing, MORE food restrictions and MORE supplements. And definitely not one that comes from piecing together google searched gut health advice. 

Waitlist please!

FINALLY,  a gut healing approach that gets to be... 


✨EXPANSIVE: Where dairy, gluten, coffee and sugar are ALL part of a gut healing nutrition plan. And so is eating out, traveling, dinner parties and that coffee shop treat. 

✨STRATEGIC: Most people are missing the mark when it comes to gut health. Healing goes beyond what you're putting in your mouth. Saying "bye" to your gut issues for good requires addressing allll the other stuff that impacts your gut like sleep, exercise, mindset, emotions and more.

✨FLEXIBLE: Life involves big changes, stress happens and things shift. Your healing plan can work and evolve WITH you. It shouldn't require you micromanaging every symptom, regimented with every piece of life for results.

✨SUSTAINABLE: Gut healing happens with a plan that's simple and you can stay consistent with, forever. This means no radical food restrictions, parasite cleanses or intensive supplement protocols, back to the basics is where the *real* transformations happen.

Madisen here, The Gut Goddess. 

I healed from IBS, SIBO, acne, painful, urgent poops, lactose intolerance and the longest list of food sensitivities with an approach that I had to DIY myself. Because after a decade of failed dietary restrictions, worthless supplements, invasive testing, and expensive holistic protocols, I had no other choice but to figure out another way to heal. 

And now I’m sharing this approach with you 🫶🏼✨

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I know you're struggling with... 

Diarrhea, gas & bloating

Constipation, pain & cramping

Acid reflux & heartburn

SIBO, leaky gut & histamine

Irritable Bowel Disease

Food reactions & intolerances

Acne, skin & weight issues

Celiac, Crohns or Colitis

But the struggles of gut issues goes WAY beyond that...

This is more than fitting into your pants at the end of the day & eating dairy again, it's ALSO about...


🎉Going to a restaurant and ordering what you're craving...that pizza place that's been out of the question for years (gluten, dairy, carbs galore) it's totally an option now! "Oh and can I see a dessert menu too" 🍰

🎉Feeling resilient, strong and vibrant in your health, rather than micromanaging every tiny symptom and living with anxiety...concerned you're never doing enough. 

🎉Grocery shopping, meal planning and eating are a breeze, you actually look forward to meals again, food feels exciting. The nutrition noise online's got nothing on you, you've got a plan that works for you.

🎉Freeing up all that mental energy you've been putting towards this for months if not YEARS of your life. You're exhausted and ready to use that energy into your business, career, family, hobbies. ⚡️

🎉Invites to dinner parties, traveling and adventures are a full body "YES" because you're not worried about your symptoms interfering at all. 

🎉Being mentally stable & clear, your resilience to everyday stressors is higher than ever, you're present, grounded and happy. 😊

🎉Radiating confidence, you actually feel good in your body, skin and health, you're glowing.

🎉Doing YOU things, reading a book that's *not* health related, booking that Europe trip you've put off for years or feeling confident to start a family. ✈️ 

THAT 👆🏼and so much more is possible for you, it's happening for others just like you ⬇️ 

Gut healing IS happening without crazy diets, supplements, though?! 👀

It's not too good to be true, seriously. You can heal any/all your digestive issues with LESS dietary restrictions, LESS supplements and NO TESTING needed.


👇🏼Things are different around here👇🏼


💫I don't ever recommend more fiber, probiotics or loads of green vegetables...because gut healing is SO much more about how much you eat, (most are in starvation mode because of how many foods they're restricting) how often you eat, blood sugar balance and whether or not you genuinely enjoy your food! You don't digest food well when you don't like it, I don't care how "healthy" it is 😱

💫We address the stress piece. Stress is a HUGE underlying cause of ALL digestive issues...When you're stressed, digestion shuts OFF. In order to have perfect, pain-free poops, stress management is almost more important than what you eat. This doesn't mean more yoga or meditation, it means taking BIG and sometimes SCARY steps to address stressors you've probably been living with for years.  

💫You don't need MORE information... most of my clients are pretty f*cking smart when it comes to health. Most are drowning in tips, trips and protocols. This can turn into really "healthy" people, anxiously living life. They're not resilient. I'll fill in your knowledge gaps, but it's time to turn that knowledge into RESULTS. And along the way turn OFF the outside noise keeping you stuck, always looking to everyone else for what to do. 

Get me on the waitlist!

What we do in Gut Goddess Academy⬇️

Over the course of 10 weeks, each week you'll learn a small, digestible piece of my 5 foundational gut healing framework. After I teach, it's IMPLEMENTATION time...What will this look like for you, what questions do you have and what are the next steps. 


👇🏼My 5 gut healing foundational approach👇🏼


✨1️⃣✨NUTRITION: Let me simply it all for you! Feel confident knowing exactly what to eat, balance your meals, how to reintroduce foods you miss, how to navigate travel and eating out, sugar cravings, gut healing foods, hydration and SO MUCH MORE! 

✨2️⃣✨STRESS: Taking a top down approach, lets look at each piece of your digestive system and where stress is getting in the way of your healing. Digestion starts in the brain ya know?! Let's identify where your body needs balance via diet, supplements or lifestyle changes. Going over each piece like thyroid function, stomach acid, liver/gallbladder issues and MORE. 

✨3️⃣✨LIGHT: How you sleep, time spent outside and your home environment impacts your gut! Know exactly how to support each of these for amazing gut health.

✨4️⃣✨MOVEMENT: How you move (or don't move) throughout the day impacts your gut too. Let's create a movement plan that *supports* your gut and feels exciting and doable for you. 

✨5️⃣✨MINDSET: All of these foundations are great but how they fit into your life and how you feel about them matters just as much. I'm not here to type you up some extensive protocol, food list and send you on your way. This is where we all work together to make this come to life. Knowledge is NOT power if there's no action and plan that works for YOU.


We make this approach customized to you using my signature "cookie method"

 🍪 ⬇️ 🍪


I grew up making chocolate chip cookies with my Dad every single Sunday. The way you make the *perfect* 🤌🏼 batch of cookies is the way you heal your gut. Let me explain. Have you ever tried to make cookies without flour, butter, sugar, eggs and baking soda...(I mean like legit cookies, not some gf/df/egg free ones 🙃). Ask any baker, there are ESSENTIAL components that are required for cookies. Sure you can change up the spices, add oats, nuts or cacao to the batter but the basic ingredients are always the same. This is exactly like gut healing. 

So many people are worried about what probiotics to take, how much fiber to eat, what to else to take out of their diet, what supplements to add and what other gut test they need to get. 

I call this "fluff stuff". These are all completely missing the mark. This is equivalent to spending all your time/energy thinking about what type of chocolate chips to buy, if you should add cinnamon or not or if you should put oats in your cookies. The REAL place to focus is on the basic, core ingredients needed to make the cookies. We can compare these basic, necessary ingredients to 5 fundamental ingredients of gut healing:

🍪Flour: Nutrition, which goes WAY beyond what foods you're restricting and how much fiber you eat

🍪Sugar: Stress, we all have stress, it can show up differently but is a necessary component treating gut issues at the core

🍪Eggs: Exercise, which could be helping or hurting your gut 

🍪Butter: Sleep & Sunlight, we all need sunshine & deep restful sleep

🍪Baking soda: Mindset, even such a small amount makes all the difference in ensuring your gut healing protocol is sustainable

Within each ingredient, there is room for some variation like what type of flour or sugar people use. *End the cookie cutter protocols*. It's the same with gut healing, what stresses me out, might not be what stresses you out, but still, fundamentally, the core ingredients are the exact same. Just like anyone/everyone with gut issues will find healing (or make the perfect batch of cookies) by using these essential ingredients.  

For you detail oriented peeps like me, here's more ⬇️ 



3-4x live trainings per month going through the knowledge, strategy and unanswered questions, so you can make a plan that works.


Questions, pep talks, extra resources, you'll have me and an intimate group of others for support between calls who just *get* it too.


Access to the Gut Goddess Academy library is yours. 25+ simplified gut health guides to make this all crystal clear. Topics on nutrition, stress, supplements, it's all here!


No more copy and paste protocols here. The whole point is for this to be sustainable for you. I'll make customization suggestions for specific gut symptoms throughout.


The Academy is the place for you...


💫You're SO ready for a simple, realistic approach to your gut struggles. One that doesn't rely on taking more food out of your diet, intense supplements & unrealistic protocols. I'll take you through it, step-by-step, making it digestible, rather than giving you a diagnosis and to-do list.

💫You're craving the guidance, direction and support from people who actually get you. A coach *me* and an intimate group of people who are in your same boat, understanding your most embarrassing and painful struggles.

💫You're in this for the long haul now, you're committed to this process. You're done with quick fix diets, supplements and hyped so called "fixes". Shiny new gut health trends aren't appealing anymore, been there, done that and it's left you back at square one.

💫You're highly motivated to take aligned action and do the work behind the scenes, even if it feels hard, uncomfortable and new. 

Inside this 10 week small, cozy group, imagine...


The clarity you want. no more analysis paralysis, constantly questioning if you're doing enough, what/when/how to eat, what supplements to take and what else you need to heal, it's all outlined in here, with some wiggle room too of course 🙃


The support you need. An intimate group of people who are here to cheer you on, guide you through it and know exactly what you've been through. Infusing this whole process with ease, hope, inspiration and maybe some gut health besties for life! 🫂

This is what's possible for you 🎉


"Bowel movements becoming more regular and becoming more confident with how much I actually need to eat! Virtually no bloating, realizing my triggers, and having more consistent BM’s." - Meghan


"I'm feeling less fear and anxiety around food. I can eat just about any foods now without worrying about my stomach rumbling or gurgling. I listen to my body so much more and eat foods that get my digestive engine revving. I bounce back so much more quickly from a bad digestive health day, and I’m just more gentle with myself. Also, doing the “basic things” has worked better for me than any supplement regimen, and as added bonus, its much less expensive and more sustainable!" -Lindsay


"Being able to half the dose of my reflux meds; radically & significantly improving bowel movements; being able to recognize and honor my body’s signals (hunger & stress); making peace with the process of healing" - Stephanie

6 installments


per month

  • 12 weeks of live group coaching calls 
  • 12 weeks of Telegram chat support
  • Customized suggestions throughout
  • Access to Gut Goddess Academy curriculum

1 installment


one time

  • 12 weeks of live group coaching calls 
  • 12 weeks of Telegram chat support
  • Customized suggestions throughout
  • Access to Gut Goddess Academy curriculum

Your questions answered...

So you've read this far...
here's a gentle nudge 😉 


If what you were already doing was working, you probably wouldn't be reading I right?! 

There's risk in taking the leap, but there's also risk in NOT taking the leap. Risk in staying exactly where you are, on the merry go round of more testing, dietary restrictions and supplements, I know that drill all too well (I did this for a decade!). 

And if you’re anything like I was…you're used to doing things on your own and investing in help feels weird.

You might be piecing together advice from past protocols, tiktoks, podcasts, books and instagram posts. The only problem is, despite all this info, the direction you need to go is still SO unclear.

And it just. isn't. working. 

Or maybe you ARE clear on a direction, you're doing a specific diet, supplements and some testing with a practitioner but if that was feeling really good and getting you the results you want, you wouldn't be here searching for something else.

This is a call to do something that *feels* better to you, maybe it's just a gut feeling.  

This could be the last gut healing "protocol" you do. This is where we get clear, strategic and intentional about a long term gut healing plan. One that includes ice cream, eating gluten again, traveling with ease, living life *outside* of your health protocol and most importantly, a plan that feels like you could do it forever.

I'd like to be on the waitlist for the next round!

What's inside each module:

ready for to eat more, stress less & get back to life? 

I can't wait to see you inside Gut Goddess Academy ✨